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How to identify the automatic Mahjong table
Feb 20, 2018

Fully automatic Mahjong table as a high-end consumer durables, consumers should pay attention to their choice of cost-effective and after-sales service quality, can be identified from the following aspects:

Spare parts Quality

Automatic Mahjong table Because of the microcomputer control, electrical control, mechanical transmission technology as a whole, is a more complex than ordinary household appliances, entertainment products, and the use of the machine itself is quite large, so the quality requirements for spare parts is very high, especially the heart components of the motor quality will directly affect the life and failure rate of the machine, Other such as mahjong tiles, high-grade machine tile production of raw materials----long fiber plastic, almost monopolized by Japanese manufacturers, finished products mainly from Taiwan manufacturers, quality can *, but the price is more expensive. The use of ordinary staple fiber plastic tiles are more easily damaged, discoloration, and magnetic instability, easy to create a long shuffle time issues. In addition, such as the quality of the Mesa flannel is also very fastidious.

Don't blindly believe in low prices

The price of fully automatic mahjong table is mainly determined by manufacturer's scale, machine quality, spare parts quality and after-sale service quality. Brand machine prices in general around 3000 yuan, small factory production of machine prices in general around 2000 yuan. Consumers should choose from the average cost of 3-5 years of use time to calculate their value. Small plant due to the size of the production scale, the production technology is backward, the product's normal service life is short, the later failure rate is higher; the brand product use time generally in 5 years, although the price is higher, but the actual year cost is far lower than the small factory machine, even the second handset price is also far higher than the small factory two handset.

Appearance quality

Products on the market its main appearance has wooden frame, wood frame paste plastic, plastic frame three kinds, the first two outer frame because of the production means simpler, the requirements of the manufacturers are not high. Plastic frame products due to the initial opening cost of up to millions of yuan, only the production scale of large manufacturers can withstand, and with high-strength Engineering plastics production of plastic frame is not easy to damage, not easy to fade and other advantages.

Service Quality

As a result of the purchase of fully automatic Mahjong table users in addition to a small number of household, most of hotels, hotels, chess room and other places of business, whether the timely provision of after-sales service, whether there is sufficient technical support force, for the normal use of automatic mahjong table, whether the timely resumption of investment is essential. As a result of the High star hotel for the purchase of the products are more sophisticated, the product after-sales service requirements are also high, users can refer to the four or five-star hotel in the use of more popular brands, models to buy.

Multi-view and careful selection

Most mahjong machine manufacturers generally in the province of the major newspapers in the classified ads every day there are sales ads in the publication, consumers are best for each merchant's products are on-site to see and understand, and then select several four or five-star hotel chess room for inspection, in order to make the right choice.

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