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How to distinguish the good and bad of the full automatic mahjong table?
Dec 24, 2017

Step 1: look at the surface of mahjong table

A good mahjong machine is elegant in appearance (such as operating panel, table cloth, plastic box, foot and so on are very fine and thick material).

The second step: look at the internal structure

The internal structure of the machine assembled fine, assembled joints between the seal strictly, when using hand move is not easy to be removed, and smooth material.

The third step: look at the speed of the shuffle

A good mahjong machine (four machines) usually shuffle time between 30-50 seconds, too fast or too slow. The speed is too fast; the manufacturer is interested in increasing the speed of the motor and increasing the selling point of the product. In fact, the speed of the motor is easy to be easy to fail and reduce the service life. On the contrary, too slow is not a good machine; because too slow machine, after all, manufacturers steal materials from magnet. At present, magnets are increasing in price. Many manufacturers are making efforts on magnets, and magnets play an important role in automatic mahjong machines.

In fact, with the speed on the mahjong table, the significance is not great, don't listen to those businesses nonsense, they usually give you is a good, fast shuffle machine. It is more than 3-5 minutes to play mahjong in the fastest way, as long as it can fully meet the requirements of entertainment as long as it is able to make good cards in one point.

Fourth step: look at the overall configuration of the machine

Now the technology of mahjong table is basically mature, and the quality of mahjong depends on the configuration of the whole machine. At present, most of the parts and components of all mahjong plant are supplied by supporting businesses. So the selection and allocation of mahjong machine is quite large, so it is very important to know the configuration of mahjong machine when choosing mahjong table. The following is a simple introduction for your reference.

1. Motor configuration:

A four port machine has 14 motors, a good motor 3-4 ten blocks, the poor motor several pieces of more than ten pieces. The current market is mainly divided into motor two categories, one is the pure copper wire motor, second kinds of copper clad aluminum motor, but also distinguish between them in the middle class, is not to say that as long as the motor copper wire motor is particularly good, so the copper wire motor also graded, certainly better than the copper clad aluminum copper wire motor motor is better, this is a an undeniable fact.

2, computer board configuration:

The high-end computer board needs more than two hundred multivariate right, poor only need more than a hundred or even dozens of money, computer board is good and bad determines the stability of the whole machine. At present, high quality computer board suppliers in the market; orchid, Cody. Generally high-end machines are all two selected suppliers, but their computer boards are also graded.

3. The configuration of iron and plastic parts:

In the mahjong machine inside iron, plastic is an essential component, some parts will use plastic, some parts must be used in iron, plastic good are generally made of engineering plastics and ABS material molding, plastic difference is generally used as recycled plastics, there is a big difference between their prices. On. The iron, of course, can only be distinguished from the thickness of the material and the surface of the paint.

4. Other small components:

Such as power line, cloth, good machines are generally equipped with power line GB 1X0.75 square, the machine is generally 1X0.5 square with the power line standard, low-cost machines and even with non standard power line 0.5 or brigade core. As for Gab, Gab, which is generally used by good machines, is very thick, and the workmanship is fine. The bad machine doesn't need to be said, the cloth is very thin, and the work is very dryness.

Fifth step: see mahjong

Good mahjong is bright color, clear font, smooth back, and good cards are generally solid, and all are hollow. Hollow or solid, the cards and the cards can be heard gently.

Generally speaking, a good mahjong machine is used. The configuration used is large enough to the motor main board, small to screw bearing and electric wire, etc. If a machine is used only with some accessory, it will not indicate the grade and performance of the machine.

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