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How to choose automatic mahjong machine?
Oct 30, 2017

Automatic mahjong machine easy to use, and now a large number of automatic mahjong brand, how to pick a good mahjong machine, which is pay attention to. First automatic mahjong machine internal configuration, that is, the core part of the mahjong machine, be sure to carefully selected!

First, mahjong motor

At present mahjong machine motor, the most mature, the price is the most expensive motor, is Feng special, the joint should, these two motors. You can go to the network to verify.

Second, mahjong machine magnet

Four mahjong machine magnetic ratio is very important, why the previous single-port machine brand manufacturers, to do four machines, the quality is not necessarily stable, and magnetic ratio with a great relationship. So in the choice of four machines, to choose whether to professional production of four machine manufacturers, because the single-port machine to do good, does not mean that the four machines to do the mature, so customers do not hold the previous choice of ideas, to purchase the past Choose the brand of mahjong machine.

Third, the mahjong machine board

At present four mahjong machine with more mature motherboard is, Sita, Huijing, which two motherboards have the original factory of the original electrical appliances, high-grade imported electrical components. How to distinguish: the import of a degree of copper, there are signs, made of ordinary white.

Fourth, the purchase of mahjong machine when all the accessories to see whether the brand manufacturers brand logo

Treyo is a professional manufacturer of automatic mahjong machines in China. The product quality is reliable and the price is welcome. Please contact us for purchase!

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