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How to choose a better Mahjong table
May 13, 2018

1, motor configuration:

A four-machine machine has 14 motors, a good motor has 3-4 machines, and a bad motor has a few blocks. At present, the market is mainly divided into two major types of motors, one is a pure copper wire motor, and the second is a copper-clad aluminum motor. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish grades among them, not to mention that a copper wire motor is a particularly good motor. Even if the line motor is also graded, the copper wire motor is definitely better than the copper clad aluminum motor. This is an undeniable fact.

2, computer board configuration:

The high-end computer board needs more than two hundred yuan, and the poor only needs more than one hundred or even several tens of dollars. The quality of the computer board decides the stability of the whole machine. Currently on the market high-quality computer board suppliers; Orchid, Cody. General high-end machines are the two suppliers of choice, but their computer boards are also hierarchical.

3, iron, plastic parts configuration:

In iron mahjong machines, iron and plastic parts are indispensable components. Some parts must be made of plastic, some parts must use iron parts, good plastic parts are generally made of engineering plastics and ABS materials, and poor plastic parts. Generally made of recycled plastics, their prices are very different. Of course iron can only be distinguished from material thickness and paint finish.

4, other small parts:

Such as the power cord, cover cloth, etc., good machines are generally equipped with the national standard 1X0.75 square power cord, poor machines are generally equipped with the national standard 1X0.5 square power cord, and some low-cost machines even with Non-standard 0.5 or direct travel core power cord. As for the cover cloth, the covers for the good machines are generally very thick fabrics, and the workmanship is also more exquisite. Poor machines do not have to say, the fabric is very thin, and the work is rough.

5, see Mahjong

Good mahjong tiles have bright colors, clear fonts, and smooth backs. Good cards are generally solid and poor are hollow. Hollow or solid, cards and cards can be heard by gently tapping.

In general, a good mahjong machine is used; the configuration used is as large as the motor main board, the small-to-screw bearing, and the wires. These are all good. If a machine only has certain accessories, it does not mean that the machine is good. The grade and performance.

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