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How to adjust the mahjong machine program
Sep 09, 2018

Fault 1: The power is not responding and the power indicator is off.

Treatment method: Check whether the distance of the internal structure magnetron of the push-up is standard (2-3 mm).

Fault 3: The pusher cannot be closed when it is turned on.

Solution: Check if the position of the double-slot switch is standard.

Fault 4: The stack is sometimes abnormal and will stop and be intermittent.

Treatment method: Check if the light control sensitivity is normal.

Fault 5: The dice button is active, but the motor does not turn.

Treatment method: Check if the micro-motion motor of the tweezers is off.

Fault 6: The boot chain can't stop.

Treatment: Check if the chain light control and white plastic sleeve are in place.

Fault 7: The upgrade board is not in place and the mahjong cannot be pushed out.

Treatment method: Check if the hook is broken and the lifting hole is short of oil.

Fault 8: There is a rub on the card.

Treatment method: Adjust the parallelism between the baffle and the panel.

Fault 9: The tweezers operating panel in the middle of the machine cannot rise.

Treatment method: After opening the electrical box, check if the flange screws on the lifting motor are off.

Fault 10: The reverse side of the mahjong tile can also be washed up.

Solution: Check if the magnetic block on the shuffle magnetic ring is reversed.

Fault 11: The lifting plates on all sides are sometimes uneven with the table top.

Solution: Check if the plastic head on both sides of the lifting plate is broken and check if the rocker arm under the lifting plate is vertical.

Fault 12: The chain motor can only be rotated and cannot be reversed.

Solution: Check if the motor wiring on the main board is loose or poorly connected.

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