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How much electricity is used for an hour in an automatic mahjong machine
Jan 21, 2018

General a mahjong machine nominal power of 80-150W. generally has 10 large motor.9 motor, a rotating dice small DC motor 5V small, small motor power consumption can be neglected. The other basic motor power is generally a 15W. but 9 motor not work at the same time and has been working on. Shuffle, only the center of the turntable, conveyor motor, stacking head motor, the motor is in the chain of work. After a reshuffle, when lifting up card instructions, start lifting motor work center, then the rising motor four put cards from the table onto the square. So, electricity is an estimation problem. To see you play the speed of one hour. But even at the fastest card play, washed it and beat next time, too much consumption of electricity, usually at about 100W.

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