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How long does a mahjong function take?
Jan 21, 2018

It depends on how to maintain, but it can be used at least 3 years, if the good maintenance can greatly extend the service life.

This is a few small maintenance methods:

1, the mahjong table should be kept clean, usable brush cleaner or on the table, often in the machine center turntable suede cleaning grime, nursing spray wax scrub away card track and corners.

2. The mahjong should be kept clean and smooth, and the spray wax is used to scrub after use.

3, internal motion components, such as push bar slider and push bar, should be flexible. If necessary, add a little grease (oil), but don't go too far.

4, often with a small brush to remove dirt and prevent the accumulation of photoelectric switch, photoelectric switch effect of landscape sensitivity.

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