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Electric mahjong table leakage
Jan 21, 2018

First, the safety voltage of the human body is 36V, and there is a danger above the 36V. Secondly, the circuit is a dangerous and complex thing, even if it is lower than 36V, do not try it easily. Next, say the voltage of the mahjong machine.

1, if it is bad, no brand name manufacturers, used in the power line is not standardized, if contact with the external electric power line is likely to be dead. The equivalent of direct access to the 240V voltage is very dangerous. The regular plug has three lines and a grounding wire.

2, if the contact with people is internal wiring, motor and so on (sometimes internal cleaning, repair will be exposed), the usual machine is 110V, and it is also dangerous.

3. If the transformer is connected by a transformer (like a laptop's power line), it is generally 24V (some is also higher than 36V), and the risk is relatively small.

4, in addition, mahjong is more like other things, there will be static electricity, 36V is not absolutely safe voltage, and some like teeth, tongue, knees and other contact, the risk of electric shock is also great (strong sense of shock, causing two damage, such as collision, etc.) please don't try.

In the use of the electric mahjong table, try not to have water and other liquid into the mahjong machine, so as not to cause a short circuit, increase the risk of contact. The above content is for reference only! I hope to help you

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