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Detailed explanation of the operation steps and installation steps of the mahjong machine
Jan 14, 2018

Installation steps of mahjong machine

Installation: put the frame in the right position, and put up the host gap angular alignment frame gap position corresponding host computer box, the power head rack into the host computer box in the center hole (please don't press the power line), the screw holes tighten 4 M6*16 screws.

Press frame: butt the four frame in turn and press it on the table.

1 host 2 dice box 3 press frame 4 frame 5 screw 6 rack 7 ground screw

Level adjustment: adjust the four adjustable foot screws at the foot of the machine to make the mahjong desktop level. Install the outer frame and the press frame:

The outer frame of plastic structure: any fastening screws on the upper side frame, then the upper outer side of the adjacent side, the interface will be connected well, then press lightly, so that the interface will match, and the tightening screws can be completed sequentially.

Power line connection: unload the side panel of the computer box, take out the power cord and switch input line, connect it, cover the side panel input line, insert it and cover the side panel.

Wooden frame outer frame: the positioning pin at both ends aligns the positioning hole on the supporting frame of the panel, pushing and lowering the pressure down, and completing it in turn.

Basic operation steps

Plug in the power plug (pay attention to the power socket must have ground wire), switch on the power switch, switch indicator light, reset indicator light, or appear the dealer indicator lights in turn, the final reset indicator light.

Dice: according to the dice key, the dice will jump automatically, and the maker's light is illuminated. When the banker began to have the Laozhuang, the Laozhuang indicator light began to show the number of Lao Zhuang, the highest can be displayed nine times.

At the same time, automatic shuffle begins in the machine. The reset indicator light indicates that the shuffle is finished. According to the lifting key, the door is raised again, put second pairs of mahjong cards into play, then press the lifting key, the door of the panel is closed, and the first payment card is raised, and the game begins.

According to the operation panel, any lifting key, the panel door automatically rises, put in the first mahjong card, and then press a lifting key, the panel door automatically closed,


(1) when the machine is normally shuffled, two lifting keys must be pressed at the same time if the operation panel door is required to rise or drop.

(2) when the reset indicator light is bright, it can be automatically raised and down according to any lifting key.

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