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Day-to-day maintenance of the mahjong table
Jan 08, 2018

Environmental requirements: mahjong table is placed in dry, ventilated, and avoid direct sunlight exposure, it is best to place the location firmly, and it is not easy to move, and the power supply voltage remains stable 220V.

Keep mahjong clean and dry: every time we finish playing mahjong, we need to wipe the mahjong card in time to ensure the cleanliness of the mahjong brand. (method: wash the 6 sides of mahjong with high quality mahjong detergent. Because there are grooves such as lettering on the front, there will be a lot of mud in the hand. Clean with a wet toothbrush. Do not overdo it and avoid painting the paint in the slot. Dry the mahjong each time after cleaning the mahjong, or blow dry with a blow.

Keep the table clean: every time the mahjong is finished, a clean brush is used to clean the dirt and dust on the table, and the frame is scrubbed with a wet towel. Prohibit placing anything on mahjong table, such as a cup, a lighter, a cigarette, a common chip, when playing cards.

Regular dust removal: the mahjong table is cleaned once every 2 weeks with a vacuum cleaner to keep the table clean so as to ensure the normal work of the machine. Especially the light eyes, with a soft brush gently wipe, prevent dust and impact sensitivity.

Regular maintenance: 2-4 times a year according to the frequency of use. The emphasis is on the cleaning, debugging, refueling, and other consumables of the gear, slider, bearing and other moving bits in the machine (professional technician maintenance).

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