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Common malfunction of mahjong machine
Jan 05, 2018

1. The speed of the machine is more than 80 seconds.

Fault: the location of the magnetosphere is not in place, the turntable rubber strip off, adjust triangle distance, adjust into card, adjust the flop, magnetic isolation plate and the rotary head height adjustment, speed is not normal, there is debris trough, shuffle spring is not good, the rotary speed ahead of the magnetosphere.

2. The chain pole card is behind the push board

The cause of the failure is the flexibility of the four sides pushing bar, the falling of the top strip on the four sides, whether the tensile spring has been shedding or broken, and the micro switch is not flexible.

3, the failure of the head card

The reasons are: head and stroke position adjusting conveying trough (between the general head retaining boards and conveying trough distance of mahjong diagonal 1 mm maximum), trough optocoupler performance is bad, long distance sensor (K1 photosensitive head light sensing distance of 4# is 10mm), motor gear damage, die stacking and rough road board. The nose gear plate adjustment and pushing plate position, the first class brand push slider is not flexible back in place, stainless steel pressure plate is too low.

4, the lifting platform and the desktop are not flat

The reasons for the failure are: the rubber pad is not placed correctly or the lifting arm is not vertical, the screw is loose, or the blocking iron plate is too high or too low, the panel support screws are loose, and the panels are deformed.

Contact:: Haley Niu   

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