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Classification of mahjong industry
Jan 01, 2018

Mahjong machine according to the pushing mode is divided into: single machine, four machines, eight machines, ultra-thin machine and so on, the following characteristics of the various models:

Single machine: as the name implies, is only a card pushing mouth of the mahjong machine, through the conveyor chain to trump the parties. Because to the four mouth to go on the card, and to transport the device, so the speed of the card is slow, about 2 minutes to complete the action, and high failure rate. In the existing types of mahjong machine, single machine of the earliest, basically has been eliminated, only some two in the mobile phone market has remained.

Four machine: there are four push cards and no transport chain, so four ports can be played at the same time, so the speed of playing cards is fast, usually 18 seconds to 35 seconds, you can finish the card action. Through extremely reasonable mechanical design, the performance is stable, and the speed of shuffling is fast. The four port machine is already the mainstream of the market.

Eight ports: eight machine is not to grasp the card, this kind of machine just listed, the quality is not very stable, the customer's acceptance is not clear.

Super thin machine: it is famous for its light and thin shape, the whole machine gives people the feeling of small and exquisite, easy to move and exquisite fashion. Equipped with dual core system, the whole control system is composed of two main programs, sensing circuit system and main board. When one of the sensing circuits fails, the control system will automatically switch to standby system. After three years of market baptism and technological innovation, the ultra thin machine is very stable, and gradually has the trend to occupy the mainstream market.

Piano: machine frame resembles the famous piano, but due to the vicious competition in the market, there are many problems, such as perfecting the foot and other details, in order to ensure the stability of machine operation.

Folding machine: 45 degree angle and the bottom of the desktop can be folded together, the maximum space savings, but the machine structure is a great test of reasonable and material use.

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