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Automatic Mahjong table shuffle is how to distinguish the positive and negative?
May 02, 2018

The overlay on the back of the mahjong tiles is magnetic, and the front is not. The plate is rotated on a tilted disk. When the card rises to a high position, the magnetic side plate is sucked by the hoop ring above the disk. , And with the rotation of the ring piece sent to a slot by the lever to push away, the front is not magnetic card will continue to rotate on the plate, the cards on the slot is folded into double by the push rod by number distribution sent to all sides. A small spring on the disk flipped the card, flipping the front card down, holding it magnetically and being caught by the hoop until all the cards were taken to the slot. After the number of cards on each side is sufficient, the electric button is manipulated by the person. The pallet under the card sends the four-sided folded card to the table. There are five motors in the Mahjong table to drive the turntable and the chain (the push rod on the chain) to rotate, and is controlled automatically by the electronic chip.

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