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Automatic Mahjong Table Procedure principle
Feb 20, 2018

Fully automatic Mahjong table by Japan's first invention, production, automatic Mahjong table was originally imported from Japan a small number of original imports to China, and then because of China's huge market, in the early 90, the Japanese in China opened a large batch of automatic mahjong machine, so the Mahjong machine to China.

Automatic Mahjong machine, as the name implies, is to pay attention to automation, usually people are using a pair of mahjong, a play after shading mahjong people themselves wash, build good, and then play. But when people use the fully automatic Mahjong table to play mahjong, they need to use two special mahjong tiles, (special cards are magnetic, rely on the magnetic circle to attract.) And then when they're done with a plate, only need to operate a fully automatic Mahjong table work procedures, and then the Mahjong machine in the pre-built mahjong tiles will be through the fuselage inside the push up to the desktop, people can continue to fight, both fast and labor, by a lot of fans of all ages.

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