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Automatic Mahjong Table Control system
Feb 20, 2018

1, Power switch: Open and close Mahjong table power.

2, Fuse: When short circuit or overload when the fuse to protect the role

3, signs: company-specific safety signs.

4. Switch board: The installation board of the switch

5, S1 detectors: commonly known as the Count of light control, detection of the light control card.

6, 01 Motor: Also known as the superposition of motor, 01 parts of the power motor.

7, push the card: the lateral linear output of the stack push motor, will fold the card into the track.

8, dual-light control: Also known as S23, corresponding to fan shading and side-type shading film light control components.

9, reset switch in any working state, under the reset switch, Mahjong table all stop working, loosen this switch, in the normal working state, Mahjong table Reset, when in the debugging state, then maintain the original state. Note: The Republicans state is not affected.

10, pick up the card conveyor belt: The flat belt of the conveyor in the program settings and S6 light control for the stop and transfer card forward transport components.

11, S6 detector: When receiving the full signal on the belt, the delay control magnetic ring and shuffle plate stop and transfer mahjong tiles.

12. Shuffle PLATE: The main parts of the container and the mixing card.

13, Reset Indicator: When the Mahjong table to prepare the licensing program lights when the light can enter the normal card procedures.

14, center lifting door: The rise of the card pushed into, down with the table flat, you can play.

15, push up, drop frame: often called 03 parts, storage code good licensing warehouse, the track of the card, will code good cards from the track to send out, coherent

16, dial the card bracket: and shuffle plate with the card, all use dial pull spring.

17, Yun Licensing Motor: Also known as 02 motor or chain motor, is responsible for the code good licensing to the storage location, so that 03 parts in time to launch mahjong tiles.

18, the Transport card bends: commonly known as the curved angle, inside the small curved angle, outside called curved angle, will the code good card from the linear movement to turn the movement

19, the Transport card cover board: The following sticky top brush, the back of the card gently brush clean.

20, transport brand Chain: The transmission of the card.

21, Panel support frame: The four corners of the upright column on the plate fixed and supporting role.

22, S5 detector: Also known as the angular positioning of light control, the transfer of the brand chain in the middle of the controlled light.

23, Chain Rod: Installed in the chain, the upper push card, the lower sleeve has white reflector to S4, S5 light control. Reflective message. 24. Strut: When the panel is turned up, brace the table panel, already clean Mahjong table.

25, Licensing board: Place code good Mahjong brand of high-grade aluminum alloy plate.

26, Dice button: Roll the Dice button.

27, Lian Zhuang indicator: A total of five, a green four red, showing the number of Lian Zhuang, detection program display and fault display.

28, Lift button: control center lifting the door of the button, when the common sense card by the diagonal of any one, should be up to two when the surge. Start button when detected.

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