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Automatic mahjong machine, what is the reason for shuffling without playing cards?
Feb 09, 2019

The reasons why the automatic mahjong machine has been shuffled are: First, there is something stuck on the card, second, the machine chip has a problem, and third, there is a possibility that the mahjong machine has failed.

First of all, you can pick up the countertop to see if something is stuck on the card. Check that there is no problem with the chip. Look for the after-sales. It is also possible that the mahjong machine has failed and does not shuffle the card. The machine will automatically alarm. When the work is stopped, it is necessary to watch the LCD alarm on the dice plate. Out of stock or large motor or nose counter fault display, center lift motor or sensor fault display.

1. The cause of this failure is mainly due to the motherboard being broken and the touch positioning line being broken. You should change the touch interface line of that direction to another good socket, touch the touch, position, grab, cancel, and the indicator light is still off. Use a good interface cable to switch to the bad socket, touch the touch and locate. Grab the Zhuang, cancel, if the indicator light indicates, prove that the motherboard is good.

2. Look again at whether the fluff on the shampoo is flattened so that the card always slides to the lower end of the shuffle. Due to the poor assembly of the bracket, the positive block is not adjusted, the panel pin is not installed, and the two positioning wheels of the magnetic ring are not adjusted, and can be re-adjusted according to the technical requirements of the assembly.

3, after eliminating the above problems, go buy a light control to change. Maybe it's been a long time or the quality of the light control is not good, the program is delayed or damaged.

The motherboard program is not burned, or there is no positioning, or the motherboard is broken, or there is a problem with the panel switch. To perform panel switch troubleshooting first, unplug the panel switch and use the remote control to dial to the left position and press the "A/B" button to color. If it is normal, prove that the panel switch is damaged and replace the panel switch. In short, after the opening, listen to the sound, look at the rotation and stirring, three touch fluff, mixing rod and transmission belt. The last is to look at the operating state of the light control and pusher cone.

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