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Automatic mahjong machine theory and automatic mahjong machine control system
Mar 11, 2015

Automatic mahjong first invented by the Japanese, production, automatic mahjong table beginning is a small amount of the original imported from Japan to China, because after the huge Chinese market, the early nineties of the last century the Japanese plant opened in China for mass production automatic mahjong machine, and so the mahjong machine to China.

Automatic mahjong machine, as the name suggests, is to pay attention to automation, usually people playing Mahjong Mahjong is used, then a plate of lay people by playing mahjong wash your own good, Qi Hao, then went to play. But when people use automatic mahjong mahjong when you need to use two sets of special tiles, (special tiles are magnetic, relying on magnetic attraction circle.) Then when they kick it on a plate, just operating procedures at the automatic mahjong table, then mahjong tiles inside the pre-Qi Hao desktop will rise pushed up through the inside of the fuselage card machines, people can continue to play, and both fast and effort by a lot Mahjong lovers of all ages, and in many places it is called automatic mahjong machine is not the same, some places call for mahjong machine, machine linen, automatic mahjong, four mahjong, etc.

Automatic mahjong table now as a high-end entertainment products, because of its comfortable, healthy, fair, has been more and more into people's lives, a lot of hotels, hotels have been supporting the project as necessary

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