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Automatic mahjong machine inside the mahjong can be washed with water
Oct 30, 2017

Often with water mahjong card, the above color will fade, but also cause mahjong degaussing, the consequences of mahjong machine can not be properly shuffled.

Frequent use of mahjong cleaning agents, people will produce harmful substances, and even the risk of cancer.

The above two kinds of cleaning methods require manual hands, relatively cumbersome.

Now there is a called "mahjong machine automatic cleaning ball", directly into the mahjong machine, will automatically clean the mahjong, until the mahjong cleaning ball black and then re-change a group on it.

Simple operation, save time and effort, as well as disinfection and sterilization, more importantly, reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.

Now a lot of mahjong are using the "mahjong machine automatically clean the ball", and more convenient health, eliminating the trouble before the mahjong cleaning, so that your hands are no longer subject to a variety of chemical damage.

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